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Point Bar: Tubular menus and non-linear dining

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Resto point bar is a medium-sized trendy restaurant in the Porte de Namur neighborhood. Tucked away in a small side street off the Boulevard de Waterloo and away from the popular and crowded Saint Boniface dining hotspot, Point Bar seeks to offer not only food, but a new dining concept and experience.

The restaurant has the dim lighting and minimalist, modern decor that seems to define modern “trendy” (subject to debate…). Nothing special there. So what makes this place different?

  • The menu takes the shape of an original, illuminated tube (can be hard to read and the lightbulb often switches off by itself, but nevertheless entertaining and cool)
  • How you order: For around 20-something euros, you get to pick and choose three dishes (fairly small, tapas-sized) from three categories that could be loosely defined as appetizers, first dish and second dish
  • You don’t necessarily have to take one of each category. You can pick two appetizers and one 2nd dish, three 1st dishes, etc. The only thing you can’t do is pick more than one 2nd dish
  • All three dishes are then brought to you at the same time (great to mix and match and break with the convention of linear dining!)
  • The food is actually good and the size of portions is not excessive (on the other hand, if you are hungry, pick the hamburger and/or other dishes that sound bigger. Otherwise, you might still be hungry…)

This is a great place to discover with friends, dates, colleagues… but not really appropriate for a serious business meal. Reservations are recommended, as it can get quite crowded.

And beware: Point Bar is closed on weekends! (And the entire month of July)


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