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Drive-in movies in Brussels


UPDATE: Check out the post for the 2008 drive-in movies

Summer is the season to be outdoors… that is, if it stops raining and the temperature goes up by at least another 10 degrees…

Nevertheless, you can still enjoy the feeling of being “outdoors” this summer – get in your car with a few friends, turn the heat on so it actually is at least 20-25 degrees and drive over to the Parc du Cinquantenaire and comfortably watch a movie in your car.

The park’s drive-in movie season starts in a couple of weeks, on Friday, July 27, and runs through September 1. Every Friday and Saturday features a different movie (starting at 22h30 in July, 22h00 in August and September). Some of this year’s highlights include Blood Diamond, 300 (apparently an excellent movie), Smokin’ Aces (no idea if it is good… just picked it randomly out of the list), Spiderman 3 (more of the same thing, but if you saw 1 and 2, you’ll probably wanna see this one too…) and Ocean’s Thirteen (much better than Ocean’s 12) which will close the season.

Movies are in original version, with subtitles in French and Dutch and prices are lower than in regular movie theaters (that is, of course, as long as you don’t go alone…): EUR 16 per car.

And those of you who are environmentally friendly or just can’t afford a car (Metro stop is Merode) get an even better deal: entrance fee is just EUR 1, for which you also get to borrow a chair!

Disclaimer: Never actually been, but will try to this year!


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4 thoughts on “Drive-in movies in Brussels

  1. I’ve been attending the movies for the last 3 years. A no-brainer, since I lived just beside the park. The entrance is actually free. You pay 1 EUR only to borrow the chair. A caveat though: bring warm clothing. It gets cold in mid late-August.


  2. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Does anyone know how busy it gets? Is it best to arrive early? Thanks for the details!

  4. If you go on foot, it should be no problem (especially since the weather has been so bad lately…). If you’re driving, though, I’m not sure what the capacity is…

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