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Ambelis: Cypriot food in Brussels


If you’re not just looking for good views or lively neighborhoods, such as Place du Chatelain and others, but are actually looking just for good food, here is a new discovery for you.

Just a few minutes away from the more popular Merode area, you will find a several better quality and better priced restaurants hidden in side streets between Merode and Montgomery. Ambelis is one of them.

Ambelis, a small to medium-sized restaurant managed by Cypriots and quite popular among the Greek-speaking community (if you dine there, you will mostly hear Greek but no worries, they can also take your orders in French and English), is great for a quick or extended meal. The ambiance is casual, taverna-like, and the food is actually genuine and good.

Go for the appetizer/mezze size dishes (price range is EUR 5-7 for each) and pick a few, so you get to sample several of the delicious dishes. I especially recommend the keftedes (delicious, small meatballs) and the affelia. Try also some of the cheese dishes, such as the tiropitakia (triangular cheese puffs, for lack of a better translation), and some halloumi, the traditional Cypriot cheese. For those who feel like having some greens with their meal, why not have a traditional salad (the xoriatiki – tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, onions and feta…. and don’t forget to dip your bread in it after).

The restaurant is closed on Sundays, but usually open the rest of the week. As always, though, it’s best to make a reservation (call +32 2 732 25 35) if only to check the restaurant’s schedule (tricky in the summer – many restaurants in Brussels close for part of the holidays).

The restaurant is on Avenue de l’Armée 41B (1040 Bruxelles), on a quiet corner and when the weather permits, they set some tables outside (better than inside, which tends to be loud as noise resonates a lot inside).


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3 thoughts on “Ambelis: Cypriot food in Brussels

  1. Two years on I wonder how much the same cyprus meze costs!

  2. najlepsza cypryjska nie grecka restauracja zapraszam wszystkich a meze z 15-toma talerzami kosztuje 20,50 oczywiście w Ambelis gorąco Polecam tym bardziej ze swego czasu kelnerką była Polka

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