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Piola Libri – Italian books, wine and appetizers

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Piola Libri is an Italian bookstore/wine bar located just a few blocks from Schuman on 66-68 rue Franklin (tel: +32 2 736 93 91). This is a bit of a hidden treasure in an otherwise not-so-interesting part of town and most of the clientele is still Italian, which speaks for the authenticity of the place.

In addition to offering a good choice of Italian language books and DVDs, Piola Libri hosts a lively bar (from Monday through Saturday, but particularly frequented on Fridays) that offers an extensive Italian wine list, as well as really appetizing Italian snacks to accompany your aperitivo – every evening starting at 18h00. (Lunch is also served Monday-Saturday.) Staff are friendly and in additon to Italian books, you can also buy Italian wine, pasta, and other typical products. During the summer (or rather, when Belgian weather permits…) there is outdoor seating in the front, as well as in the rear. A great way to end a workday!

Note: The Bar is closed from 4-28 August and the bookstore from 11-28 August. Always closed on Sundays.


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One thought on “Piola Libri – Italian books, wine and appetizers

  1. i would love to go to this place. i met the people behind it in the ‘la piola’ and already then the idea sounded brilliant. i just need to make time. they call it time management i think 🙂
    but great reading. now i definitly have to go. (oh and thanks for dropping by the blog so often)

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