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Cooking classes – cook and eat


When talking about cooking classes in Brussels what often comes to mind is Mmmmh, the popular cooking lesson venue on Chaussee de Charleroi, which is often mentioned along with the comment “but it’s kinda expensive”. However, we might well have found a nice alternative now, a great little discovery called Cooking Time – same concept (a variety of cooking lessons, over lunch, in the evening, or even on weekends) but at more affordable rates and in a more intimate setting.

The location is maybe not as ideal for many expats, as it is not in the Louise area (which on the good side also means fewer people peeking in while you cook…) but Cooking Time is still very easily accessible, located just a few blocks away from Place Sainte Catherine (on a street with little traffic and a pleasant view of a small park / green area). Cooking lessons can be in English, French or Dutch covering French, Asian, Italian cuisine, and I suspect that many other on demand (I was satisfied with that offer, so asked no more).

What is best: A lot of flexibility when it comes to organizing even quite small private parties. You give them a budget and they tell you what you can do with it (e.g., cooking lesson and sit-down meal, with wine and coffee for as little as EUR 25 per person).

Cooking Time - lessons area

Great for private parties, as you get to customize your program and have the venue to yourselves. The staff (nice and discrete at the same time) is also nice enough to let you linger without ever putting pressure for you to leave. There is also a schedule of regular classes, which is available on the website, and I heard you can even book a series of courses if you are really into cooking (or just really need some help in the form of a few intensive courses….)

tartare de saumon


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3 thoughts on “Cooking classes – cook and eat

  1. Hello,

    I would like to get more details about this cooking class.

    • Thanks for your question. You can find the details of the courses they offer and their schedule on their website although they are currently only open for private events (until 23 August). If you have specific questions, you can call them or use their online contact form.

      The place is also great for private events, for which you can customize your menu/course.

      Hope this helps!

  2. Mmmmh should be on, it would be easier to find them.

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