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Tea & Eat


I stumbled across Tea & Eat in the Woluwe Shopping Center and it happened to be quite a nice discovery in a mall where the dining options are otherwise not incredibly appealing (Quick, food court type restaurants, Exki, etc.). Maybe not a coffee/dining destination in itself, but very likely the top choice for a shopping break in the mall.

Tea & Eat is a shop and coffee place, as well as a casual restaurant, open during mall opening hours. For a shopping mall restaurant, it is quite chic and resembles a “real restaurant” in every way. Hidden in an alley on the upper floor of the Woluwe mall, Tea & Eat can be easily missed and you might walk by it without noticing that there is actually quite a lot of seating available in a covered, well-illuminated terrace.

Tea&Eat cafe gourmand

I only stopped by for a coffee and dessert, but saw how fellow diners were enjoying casual sandwich and salad meals that looked quite appetizing (simple meals on the healthy side, I would say, including a somewhat overpriced lox bagel sandwich for EUR 12).

The service was quick and friendly – always a welcome shocker – and prices quite reasonable for a mall and a setting for which you would expect to pay more than EUR 3.20 for a latte.

More to come once I actually go there for lunch…


Author: bxlblog

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2 thoughts on “Tea & Eat

  1. i recommend the croute au citron

  2. Today I went to the Tea&eat near place Stéphanie. On Sunday, they have a brunch formula all you can eat for 23 € with a large buffet of hot and cold dishes + fresh orange juice + eggs.
    Nice quality and fresh products, a good place to start a lazzy sunday …

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