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Brussels Tango Festival – April 4-7

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Looking for something different to do? The third edition of the Brussels tango festival will start next week, on Thursday, April 3 and run through Monday, April 7.

In addition to milongas (equivalent to a “tango ball”) at which you’ll be able to dance the night away until as late as 5am and watch brief show performances by a number of local and international professional tango dancers (the show part usually lasts about an hour at most), you will also be able to participate in different workshops to learn how to do the basic tango step or perfect your tango and milonga technique (for intermediate and advanced dancers).

The entrance for milongas is priced at EUR 15 or EUR 20 depending on the night. Dancers and non-dancers are welcome, even though it is of course more fun if you can dance and participate. Workshop prices range from EUR 15 to EUR 20, depending on how many you take. (Note: Many of the Argentinian-led workshops are already full. There are some local, non-Argentine instructors of so-so quality, so beware… You’ll also notice that in the shows – some dancers are solid, others try to compensate for their poor technique with lots of showy stuff).

The tango atmosphere at this festival can be a bit snobbish – people will tend to stick to their dance partners or people they know – so if you’re not already an insider, and you’re used to the tango attitude in South America, southern Europe or even the US, you might be surprised and find you really need to make an extra effort.

Full details on the official site or event blog.


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