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Serres de Laeken – Laeken Royal Greenhouse opens April 19

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Like every year, the royal greenhouse in Laeken, in northern Brussels, will open to the public for roughly a month to display its impressive collection of plants and flowers.

This year, the greenhouse will open on Saturday, April 19 and be accessible to the public for just EUR 2.50 through Monday, May 12. The greenhouse will open almost every day (completely closed on Monday) from 9h30 to 16h00, except for Fridays when they open at 13h00. There are evening openings (worth visiting because of the beautiful lighting, which makes the evening experience completely different) on Fridays, Saturdays and Sunadys from 20h00 to 22h00.

Even if you are not much into plants and flowers, the greenhouse is worth a visit even if you just want to look at the huge grounds of the royal palace, or admire the architectural beauty of the greenhouse, which was designed by Balat, the professor of the Belgian architectural icon Victor Horta.

Book about 1.5 hours for the visit – or more if you’re planning to take pictures or go on weekends when it gets quite crowded and you might have to walk slowly as you tail the people in front of you.

The site is accessible by public transportation (metro or tram: Heysel + a 10 minute walk or more, depending on your pace). For exact directions, check the STIB website (but don’t rely too much on the schedules, as the STIB only occasionally sticks to them).


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