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Tasso restaurant at Tour & Taxis

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Tasso goes on my list of disappointing restaurants I will probably not go back to. Main reasons: It is overpriced, the portions are small and the food is not good.

Tasso clearly benefits from its location in the impressive Tour & Taxis building, which accounts for most of its classy and classic, sort of chic modern atmosphere. The drawback is that other than offices and a couple of shops and exhibitions, there is not much at Tour & Taxis and it is somewhat far from “civilization” (but very accessible and convenient if you have a car, as there is plenty of parking on site).

That being said, the ambiance is probably the best at Tasso. The food is far from spectacular (overall, it is not bad – except for the sushi, which is bad, but more on that later – but not memorable or that tasty at all…) and very expensive for what you get. Here is an example:

Ravioli starter – 3 small pieces for about EUR 15

The fish dishes (cooked) seem to be a better value (most main courses cost around EUR 23-30) but nothing spectacular either.

Absolutely to avoid: their “sushi” – so far, the worst I have had in Brussels (even worse than the prepackaged ones sold in grocery stores). I suspected it would not be great, but I was hoping to be wrong, especially as sushi occupies some significant space on the menu. Impressions: the fish was not fresh, it was not properly cut, the nori was too chewy, the rice was not fresh and had been stored in the fridge and taken out again and was too tightly packed and mushy. I suspect the sushi rolls had been pre-prepared, left in the fridge for hours (hopefully not days) and taken out of the fridge, and the pieces were too large and just sloppily prepared.

Dessert and coffee, however, were decent so if you’re in the neighborhood, you can always stop by for that…


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