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Rue du Bailli shopping

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There is a lot of hype around the rue du Bailli, right by the Place du Chatelain. But why is this street so popular, and why do people keep on going?

The answer: a street full of restaurants and shops (services like dry cleaning and hair salons, as well as stuff… food, clothes, art, medicine, groceries, and more). So, here is a little highlight of some of the things you can find in this one-street Brussels microcosm:

– Art: Galerie Derapages is on number 98, rue du Bailli. This commercial art gallery carries a lot of art pieces that change often and is sold at different prices (starting at an affordable EUR 49), determined mostly by size. One of the key characteristics of the paintings and photos they sell is that (most of them) come in a square format. Occasionally, they also have evnets with the artists. The next one is tomorrow, May 8 at 19h.

– Food and drinks: Roxi is an Italian-ish bar/restaurant just a bit further down, at 82 rue du Bailli. Nice, young and hip atmosphere, good for people watching and good food at a decent price (EUR 12-16 for main courses). One of the better choices for food or drinks in the area.

– Photo albums and stuff – Mozaik (52, rue du Bailli) sells handmade photo albums, scrapbooks, frames and other stuff of the kind. Merchandise changes from time to time, so you might find at one point that they have very nice stuff and months later find nothing. But it makes for an original gift, and even more so if you are thinking of making a more personalized gift that does not look like it was churned out of a factory.

– Weird interior decor stuff – Try Zao (96, rue du Bailli) for a variety of very random stuff that you might not want in your apartment but might enjoy giving away to others.

– Italian food – Across the street, at about the height of Roxi, you’ll find an small Italian shop that sells groceries, including what is known as “tourist pasta” but is nevertheless good, olive oil, fresh bread, parma ham and other sliced meats, cheese, and other Italian goodies.


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