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Great puzzle shop


In an otherwise most uninteresting rue Belliard, hidden in the middle of a lot of scaffolding in the ever-under-construction area close to Parc Leopold, is Puzzle Passion, a small family-owned shop wholly dedicated to puzzles and possibly one of the most interesting and special shops in that neighborhood.

The owner is a huge puzzle fan that tries out every single puzzle he has in his store and can give expert and friendly advice on everything that has to do with puzzles. A great shop to find a nice, entertaining (and potentially addictive!) gift for friends and family (starting from age 1-2).

Puzzle Passion: Rue Belliard 143, 1040 Brussels. Open M-F 10:00h – 16:00h or by appointment (call +32 475 441 077)


Author: bxlblog

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4 thoughts on “Great puzzle shop

  1. Hey,

    I was in brussels this time two years ago and I wandered past this shop. It looked very interesting but it was not open on Thursday, needless to say I was very dissapointed. I might visit brussels again some day just to visit this shop.

    I did have a good time though, the beer was great and I met lots of friendly people. Nearly missed my flight home cos the beer was so good.

    Dave, Ireland.

  2. If you really want to go to the shop, you can always call ahead to make sure it’s open since the opening hours are quite limited (I presume because not that many people stop by – every time I go I’m the only customer there at the time…)

    The owner seems quite accommodating and will open the shop by appointment, so feel free to call.

  3. The shop is currently closed for the holidays and will reopen on August 4.

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