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Bongo gift vouchers


Bongo gift vouchers are becoming increasingly popular. But what are they exactly?

Simple: Nicely boxed CD-size thematic gift vouchers for activities, meals, wine, and other entertainment, mostly throughout Belgium but occasionally also including locations in The Netherlands, Germany, and France.

What exactly?
The booklet comes with a list of around 30 establishments in which you can redeem the voucher, which can be for a dinner for two, a hotel stay in a chateau for two, cooking lessons, a cultural activity, a bottle of wine and appetizers at a wine bar, etc. etc. (Redemption instructions come in the booklet).

How much?
The pricing is also quite reasonable with boxes starting at EUR 25 (for a lunch, breakfast or wine bar for two), going up to EUR 50, EUR 100+ and all the way up to EUR 3,000. (The lower priced ones are a good deal, but the high-priced ones probably not, as the venues and hotels in the guides are often not the top, exclusive ones you would expect when you’re spending really large amounts of money).

In any case, this is a good gift that beats the more impersonal mall or store gift certificate and allows the gift recipient to explore a bit of Belgium and discover new places or things to do.

Where to buy
The booklets (only in French or Dutch) can be purchased online (you can browse all the packages and locations) or in one of the Bongo shops. There are two shops in Brussels: One in the City 2 shopping center (Metro Rogier) and another one on the lower floor of the Woluwe Shopping Center, across the supermarket. There are also other sales points, like the fnac and the Connections travel agencies, that also sell the Bongo books.

There are also Bongo books in other countries, including Denmark, Sweden, France, The Netherlands and Spain.


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