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30% off 30 popular Brussels restaurants


Feel like trying some new restaurants at a discounted price?

Restopass is so to speak a coupon booklet that offers a 30% discount off food in 30 popular restaurants in Brussels. There is a wide selection of restaurants with different price ranges.

How it works: First you have to buy the Restopass booklet, which you can do online or at a few spots around Brussels including Waterstone’s, la Fnac or Filigranes (see more locations). The price is EUR 35.

If you type in “Facebook” in the discount box, you will get EUR 5 off the price when you order online (offer only valid until September 20 or so). Another tip: If a friend of yours has a Restopass and gives you his/her serial number, you can also get the same EUR 5 discount (not cumulable with the other one though).

Getting your discount: You go to any of the 30 restaurants (see full list) for lunch or dinner any day of the week, and when you ask for your bill, you give them the Restopass. They will automatically apply the 30% discount on all food items consumed (not on drinks), for a maximum of EUR 50 off for your table.

Any catches? Doesn’t look like it, but here are a few things to note:

  • You can only get the discount once per restaurant
  • There are some special holidays during which the discount is not valid (Xmas eve, New Year’s eve, Valentine’s Day…)
  • The booklet is valid for one year from the date of purchase (I am not sure how they check on that though…)
  • You can probably recup your EUR 35 investment with just 2-3 dinners (for two) so it seems like quite a good deal…

Does it really work? I have tried it and so far it seems as simple and straightforward as advertised… I’ll let you know if/when it’s not the case.

I’ll also be writing reviews now and then on the featured restaurants, so stay tuned…


Author: bxlblog

It started out with just one person years ago, but now we have a team of bloggers giving input and/or writing about food, travel, and generally life in Brussels, and even life in Brussels with a baby in the team's newest blog.

11 thoughts on “30% off 30 popular Brussels restaurants

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  3. I’m curious how Restopass is working out for you. I have a friend who is really into hers but I also imagine the choice of restaurants is a bit limited. Any overall thoughts now that you’re a few months into the experience?

    • Thanks for your comment, Sharon. Overall I am very happy with the pass. I made back the cost of the Restopass after just 2 dinners and the restaurants are generally quite decent and worth trying. (Some of them are even really good and definitely worth going back to, such as Le fruit defendu). The pass is really very straightforward to use and I have had no problems at all having it honored. Realistically, I doubt I will visit all 30 restaurants (I don’t find all of them that good), but I will probably go to at least 15-20 of them in the course of a year. Happy to give recommendations on specific restaurants if you need any!

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  5. Hello,
    Did you know that there is now a new RestoPass ? 40 restaurants are selected, 20 from the old edition and 20 new ones ! The system remains the same – easy and straightforward !

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