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Bistrot du Mail: Michelin meal under EUR 30


Update: CLOSED

Everyone has heard about Comme Chez Soi with its exorbitant prices, and sometimes not that cozy ambiance…

But not many people know about the Bistrot du Mail, which has one Michelin star less (but still, great credentials – one star is not bad at all…) but offers weekday lunch menus for EUR 25 to EUR 29 for a 2 or 3-course meal. (The prices have gone up in the last few months, probably because the secret is out… so hurry!)

The food is really excellent and you will have trouble finding such a good meal at that price in Brussels. The portions are not huge, but just right if you have the 3-course menu, which will take you about 1.5 to 2 hours to complete, so don’t go to the Bistrot if you are looking for a quick lunch between meetings…

Great deal for a weekday lunch but not so for dinner, which becomes a bit too pricey (not to mention it is much more difficult to get a reservation).

Some pictures to whet your appetite…



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