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Cospaia is a fairly large, trendy restaurant (for Brussels standards) located between Porte de Namur and Louise, off a small street called Rue Capitain Crespel, which is next to the esplanade between the two.

This is one of the many restaurants that is part of the Restopass 30% off offer. Overall, I would go to try it once (especially with the discount), or to go with drinks or dinner (with a date) because the venue is trendy and it looks kind of cool but the food is not exceptional and is overpriced for what it is.

A few more details:

– I went there when it was a bit less cold than now, so was able to enjoy the terrace upstairs, which is quite nice. Modern, spacious and very trendy (all of which are reflected in the steep price of drinks…)

– The venue itself is interesting – modern design, with a black and a white room, high ceilings and modern art/photography on the walls. The place was not very crowded, so there was a lot of privacy. (By the way, they also have private rooms you can rent out for private dinner parties. )

– Dinner is pricey: probably around 100 euro for two (appetizers ranging from EUR 14 to 26 and main courses around Eur 23-44), with just a glass of wine each and sharing dessert. Not really worth it for me, as the food was just ok, not great. The appetizers were probably the best part (I had a mix of shrimp and vegetable tempura), both in terms of size and quality. The main courses were really not memorable, nor was the dessert.

Bottom line: You pay a high price for being in a trendy venue where people go to see and be seen, but if you want really good food, go somewhere else for better food at a much lower price. I would go back maybe for a drink and appetizer, but definitely not for a full meal.


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