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Korean food in Brussels


UPDATE: Apparently Arirang is now closed. No indication of whether this is permanent or not. (February 2010)

In the past few days, people have been visiting this blog searching for Korean restaurants in Brussels, specifically in the Saint Boniface area. Indeed, there is a Japanese-Korean restaurant called Hana, which is on Rue Saint Boniface 21 (tel: +32 2 502 52 41). I cannot comment on it as I have not been yet… but other reviewers say the food is good and authentic and that it attracts expat Koreans in Brussels.

However, if you are looking for authentic Korean food in Brussels, go to Arirang, which is a bit further away on Avenue Louise. As mentioned in a previous post, Arirang is a Korean BBQ in nice setting that attracts many Korean businessmen, which already says a lot for the quality and authenticity of the food. The restaurant is run by a Korean lady and serves fresh, authentic Korean fare. Most likely the best place in Brussels if you are looking for real Korean food. Reservations: 02/ 649 22 43. Address: Avenue Louise 337.

Tip: Avoid the Korean Barbecue restaurant on rue Capitain Crespel, near Porte de Namur.

If you are looking for a Korean grocery store, venture out of Brussels to go to Shilla, a Korean Japanese supermarket in Overijse with a good selection of food and also some household items. Shilla, Brusselsesteenweg 410, 3090 Overijse, tel: +32 2 767 20 93. There is also a smaller store in Uccle, on Chaussee de Waterloo 1021.


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9 thoughts on “Korean food in Brussels

  1. Thank you for posting this! I taught English in S. Korea last year and miss some of the food. I heard from a Korean that the restaurant “Hana” is also good.

  2. Thanks for the tips !

    You haven’t talked about the korean restaurant in Tervueren (leuvensesteenweg), just next to the Jaguar dealer, near the British school and the African museum.

    The bbq and bibimpap are better or so good as the one in Avenue Louise.
    The restaurant is closed on Sunday and the new owner is very kind, he’s korean.
    I know this restaurant for many years, changed many owners, not very popular decoration but for me, so delicious !!

  3. Do you know if this place is still open?

  4. Korea restaurant in Tervueren is the best.
    Do you know the opening hours of the superstore in Overijse?

    • Thanks for the comment, Cath. Not sure about the hours and there is nothing on the website, so I would suggest just giving them a quick call to check…

  5. Hello, does anyone know where I can have a tofu hot pot? It’s a dish I had a lot in korean restaurants in the US, and I miss it a lot T_T

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