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Culinaria – 16 Michelin chefs in Brussels


Update: information about the 2011 edition and photos

From 3 to 6 June 2010, the Culinaria 2 (read Culinaria squared) event will take place at the cool and classy Tour et Taxis venue in Brussels.

The event will gather 16 Michelin-starred chefs who account for a total of 26 Michelin stars (in Belgium).

How it works and what happens:

  • You buy a passport to the event: EUR 45 on the spot, EUR 40 advance sale
  • This entitles you to taste one of four menus
  • Each menu has 2 appetizers, one main course and one dessert, each prepared by a different chef, which means you’ll be trying out the creations of 4 different chefs in a single menu
  • A glass of wine, water and a coffee are also included

Take a look at the appetizing menus on the website! The name of the chef/restaurant preparing each of the dishes is also listed.

The event also includes 11 workshops (reservations not possible) on food and drinks and around 50 exhibitors (with stands, I presume). (If you want to go to the event but not eat, there is a cheaper ticket available, but seriously, why would you go there if it’s not for the food?)

Tip: If you have a Thalys TheCard, you can get in for EUR 37.50 instead of EUR 45 for the event passport and the event recipe book. Bon appetit!


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