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Try Ebisu for a sushi-free Japanese meal


Looking for a new type of Japanese restaurant in town? Try Ebisu, a small restaurant (we’re talking 6 tables for two – outdoors) right off Place Flagey (rue de Vergnies 37, 1050 Brussels) that prides itself in not serving any sushi or sashimi and just having a few homemade-style dishes on its menu…

Ebisu is named after a metro station in Tokyo

Homemade with a kick, that is… you’ll find your standard gyoza (at a really competitive price for Brussels – EUR 3 for 5 pieces… which is about half what you would pay elsewhere, and these gyoza are good!) but you’ll also find some unique dishes you are unlikely to see elsewhere, such as their wasabi avocado hamburger with rice patties instead of bread (see below) and meatballs with mango or apricot sauce. The portions might seem small at first, but they make for a full and filling meal (maybe a bit too much to go there every day…) and great value at about EUR 8 a dish.

Kome avocado wasabi burger

Tori teriyaki

The place itself does not have much appeal and has obviously been designed for take-out rather than dining in: there’s only outdoor seating (always a risky proposition in Brussels…) and just a small table with two seats inside for people waiting for their take-out orders. On the other hand, the presentation is minimalist and classy, so that becomes a bit of a contradiction…

My recommendation: try it and keep it in mind for a nice, occasional, somewhat different and very affordable Japanese meal or snack. I wouldn’t give up the classics for Ebisu though…

Opening hours: 11.30-15.00 and 18.00 to 23.00. Closed on Mondays.

Ebisu menu:


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