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Mamy Louise

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Mamy Louise (the one in Louise – there are three other ones in Brussels) continues to be a popular lunch stop for shoppers in the Louise area, and has recently renewed its status as a Michelin Bib Gourmand restaurant, which is a good thing since it actually does offer good value: quality food at reasonable prices (dishes ranging 13-27 euros; not cheap, but still ok for what one could describe as an “upscale Belgian bistrot”.)

The restaurant has a slightly upscale ambiance, which is not as nice and laid back as other places (like Les Brassins, for instance), but it is probably also what makes it popular among Avenue Louisers. The place attracts a whole range of residents from that neighborhood: the old lady treating herself to a weekend lunch, the young bobo couple with the design stroller and matching baby, families with kids of all ages, shoppers taking a coffee or lunch break, and groups of friends in their late 20s and 30s out for a meal… The restaurant is tastefully decorated, in a somewhat minimalist and sober style, and the fact that it is often crowded makes it quite happening, although possibly a bit loud for an intimate or catch-up meal with friends.

Mamy Louise offers a good wine selection. Even their house wine is surprisingly decent for wine sold by the glass/carafe.

The atmosphere might not be for everyone, but the food is a different story… We tried the Chef’s suggestions: the trio of fish and the ham (see photos below) and both were really good. The taste was delicate and the dishes were carefully prepared and cooked exactly to the right point: tender and juicy, but well cooked. The portions are also quite good (including those of the salads, which they serve in large bowls) and the service is fairly quick and efficient. (They have more staff than other restaurants in Brussels of equivalent size).

A meal with water, wine, a main course, dessert and coffee comes up to about 30-35 euros. Reservations are a must, especially on weekends.

Trilogie de poissons, perfectly cooked. EUR 19 (chef recommendation)

Huge jambonneau, very well cooked. EUR 18 (also a chef recommendation)

The menu (food pages only – click to view full-sized image). Check also the menu online:



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