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Top restaurants in Brussels (according to Michelin)


Looking for a lunch or dinner spot in Brussels for a holiday lunch or dinner?

Update: Take a look at the 2012 list and highlights

If you want to splurge and spoil yourself or your family and friends, take a look at the 2011 list of Michelin-starred restaurants in Brussels. Three restaurants that previously had a star are now gone, including the Bistrot du Mail which has been closed. The list has now two new restaurants, including Kamo, the first Japanese restaurant in Brussels to earn a star.

Photo: Desert at Comme Chez Soi by Rajiv Patel (Nov.6, 2009) via Flickr, Creative Commons attribution 

If you are looking for a more laid-back and more reasonably priced meal, which is still very good, check out the Bib Gourmand restaurants, which offer great three-course meals for no more than 35 euros. (This is of course the minimum price… certain combinations of appetizer, main course and dessert in some of the restaurants can take you well above that amount…)

The Bib Gourmand list for 2011 has a total of 22 restaurants, the selection of which I partially agree with (e.g. yes for De la Vigne a l’assiette, which has really good food and a great wine selection, and also yes for Mamy Louise which had good quality food and offers great value; but no for Notos, which is quite overpriced for what it is and not that great either. It feels like it is trying to hard to be upscale and special… many people like it though).

The full list with links is here. Please comment if you have been to any of them!

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