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Lato Pasta

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UPDATE 2012: LATO PASTA HAS CLOSED. The locale is now home to Villa Thai (recommended!)

Looking for some good home-made pasta?

Someone recently recommended Lato Pasta (thanks!), a small Italian restaurant close to the Chatelain area. Don’t be put off by the somewhat tacky pink exterior… it looks much better once you are inside, and even better once you taste the food!

The restaurant is run by a friendly Italian gentleman who is also the chef. The place only has about 14 tables of two, so make sure you book in advance, especially on weekends. (I went there on a Saturday night right after they opened and the whole place was already fully booked!)

They have a variety of dishes, but clearly, what you want to get is the pasta, which is not the cheapest you will find (around EUR 15 per dish) but is worth the price. You have the the traditional tomato-based pastas and some other ones that are seen less often in Brussels (e.g. pasta al nero di seppia pictured below) and a fairly extensive choice. The portions are not huge, but the quality is good.

The restaurant also caters to those on a gluten-free diet: they have a special gluten-free pasta which can substitute the regular type – it seems – in any of the dishes on the menu. (If anyone has tried it, feel free to comment…)

A couple of pictures so you can see for yourself:

Picture of the back of the restaurant decorated with some photos of pasta-eaters (celebrities in some cases). Reminds one of the Mamma Roma decor…

Lato Pasta is quite a small restaurant: only about 14 tables for two

Homemade pasta with meat sauce

Pasta al nero di seppia with octopus

Dessert is probably the least interesting part of the meal at Lato Pasta. All the desserts are stored in an unattractive fridge at the entrance (see 2nd photo above), which takes away from the appeal.


  • Address: Rue Washington 51, 1050 Brussels
  • Opening hours: Mon-Thurs 11-15 and 18-23; Friday 11-15 and 18-24; Saturday 18-24
  • Reservations highly recommended

Read someone else’s detailed review (in French) of Lato Pasta and the Promocity offer

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