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Michelin star restaurants in Brussels 2012


Brussels, with its impressive 16 Michelin restaurants (a huge amount for such a small city, but still below the record-holder per capita: San Sebastian, culinary capital of the world), has now moved up to having three 2-star restaurants, thanks to the Chalet de la Foret’s additional star.

Check out the full list of Michelin one and two-star restaurants in Brussels, including a list of the Michelin Bib gourmand restaurants (i.e., good food at more affordable prices). [Bib Gourmand parentheses: Magenta and Notos have quite justifiably been removed from the Bib Gourmand list. Noteworthy picks that have maintained their status: Le Ventre Saint-Gris, De la Vigne a l’Assiette, and Mamy Louise.]

If you’re looking to Michelin on a budget and want to make about/at least 50% savings, go for the lunch menus (weekdays only – many of these top restaurants close on weekends). A few examples (all two-stars) in order of preference based on price-quality ratio:

Le Chalet de la Foret – Only EUR 39!! This is ridiculously cheap for a two-star restaurant… They probably still have their one-star prices, so hurry up before they decide to capitalize on that extra star…

Seagrill [don’t bother clicking through; the website has been under construction forever]. Make sure you make a reservation. EUR 65 for lunch.

Comme Chez Soi – EUR 55 for a 3-course lunch

Looking for other ideas? Check this previous post.

Beyond Brussels….

And if you’re willing to venture out of Brussels for food, here is the full list of Michelin restaurants in Belgium. Bon appetit!

Image by Dogfael via Flickr under Creative Commons License

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  1. Thanks for the tips on Michelin restaurants. I’ve just blogged my favourite restaurants in Brussels:

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