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Culinaria: some more info


The official website might not active yet, but here is some more info about the upcoming gourmet event (31 May – 3 June at Tour & Taxis in Brussels). The list of chefs (and picture) is out and looks promising, as always:

Photo via Pierre Marcolini, Facebook

Repeat offenders we saw in previous editions (with name of restaurant and indication of Michelin stars):

  • Giovanni Bruno (Senza Nome *) – in Brussels
  • Julien Burlat (Dôme *)
  • Bart De Pooter (Pastorale **)
  • Sang Hoon Degeimbre (L’Air du Temps **)
  • Pascal Devalkeneer (Le Chalet de la Forêt **) – in Brussels
  • Mario Elias (Le Cor de Chasse *)
  • Laurent & Vincent Folmer (Couvert Couvert *)
  • Dimitri Lysens (Magis *)
  • Yves Mattagne (Sea Grill **) – in Brussels (see review)
  • Arabelle Meirlaen (Li Cwerneu *)
  • Franky Vanderhaeghe (Hostellerie Saint-Nicolas **)
  • Laury Zioui (L’Eveil des Sens *).

New chefs:

  • Gaëtan Colin (Jaloa* which got its first star this year)
  • Tomoyasu Kamo (Kamo* – first Japanese restaurant in Brussels with a star)
  • Kwinten De Paepe (Trente*)

Pierre Marcolini has prepared a special (and of course, beautiful) dessert for the occasion.

Unfortunately, It looks like the secret is out and prices are going up this year: The entrance will cost 50 to 80 euros according this article (French only)

Previous post with some photos from the past edition and info on the concept and how it works.


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2 thoughts on “Culinaria: some more info

  1. Still waiting for the Culinaria website to go live… they promised it would happen on 16 April, then moved it to 19 April, and now they’re saying 20 April… stay tuned!

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