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A gift shop reminiscent of Japan


It might not be in Brussels, but this online shop is too gorgeous not to write about in this series of Japan-inspired posts.

Fushigi shop is the creation of Yasumi, who handcrafts most creations displayed on her online shop, which has quickly become one of my favorite virtual window-shopping stops. The Fushigi shop elegant and unique, as the creations are original and handmade, and always a treat to the eye and imagination.

"Pink Mauvey Liberty Print", brush-roll via Fushigi Shop

“Pink Mauvey Liberty Print”, brush-roll via Fushigi Shop

"The Powdered Air", one-off necklace via Fushigi Shop @WorshipBlues

“The Powdered Air”, one-off necklace via Fushigi Shop @WorshipBlues

The products offered are very reasonably priced given the high quality and care put into them. (I carefully inspected a couple of them and was impressed by the flawless sewing and finishing, which you would not find in a mass-produced product). Among my favorite pieces: the jewelery (including many one-of-a-kind pieces which you are sure not to see elsewhere) ranging from about 10 to 35 pounds, and her very popular and beautiful brush rolls and small muti-purpose cases and pouches, which are made with fabrics sourced from Japan, Africa and beyond.

"Ume Kimono Fabric", brush-roll via Fushigi shop

“Ume Kimono Fabric”, brush-roll via Fushigi shop

Yasumi is based in the UK (ships to Belgium for just GBP 4.00 flat rate) but the fabrics, design and sensitivity of her creations are (at least to me) reminiscent of Japan, unique in many ways, and a great inspiration for gift-giving in any season. And a big plus: she takes custom orders, and is very responsive and active via her Twitter account @WorshipBlues.

SPECIAL OFFER: You can now get a special discount on the brush roll collection through the blog Not Just a Pretty Dress.

"The 1, 2 or 3 of Murasaki" pass case via Fushigi shop

“The 1, 2 or 3 of Murasaki” pass case via Fushigi shop

Pass case. Image via jessinbelgium on Instagram

Other bloggers raving about the Fushigi shop:

Images from Fushigi shop 


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  2. Yasumi’s creations are just gorgeous aren’t they~ Thank you for the link as well ♡

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