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Japanese tea in Brussels: Eden

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Given the fair number of shops selling and serving tea in Brussels, as Laura Sengler recently published in a great post on French Connect, I decided for this Japan-series post, to focus on one of the top ones on my list: Eden.

Eden, a small, relatively inconspicuous establishment located on the quieter end of rue du Page (number 27), a few blocks away from the popular place du Chatelain. The shop is quite charming, with a genuine not-too-commercial feel, that offers not only tea but also a variety of Japanese tea sets, pots, cups, bento boxes, as well as beautiful tins to store your tea leaves.


Tea tasting: If you are unsure as to which tea to get, you can go to the back of the store, where you can sit down and enjoy a perfectly brewed cup of tea of your choice (you pay by the cup – a great way to taste the tea before deciding to buy it… the problem is that the more you taste, the more you might want to get…).


Eden has a wide and good selection of teas, particularly Japanese teas imported directly from Japan, including sencha, brown tea Hojicha, the traditional matcha green tea, and my personal favorite: genmaicha (green tea with toasted rice). I have tasted 3-4 different teas and they were all excellent.



Eden might not be as well known, as glamorous and sophisticated as other tea shops in the neighborhood, such as Unami on rue du Bailli 97, close to Trinite) or La septieme tasse (also on rue du Bailli, 37), but its charm, friendly service, excellent tea and authentic ambiance definitely make it my top choice for Japanese tea and accessories.

Rue du Page 27
1050 Ixelles
Tel: +32 2 538 22 27
Open Tuesday-Saturday 10:00h to 18:00h

Looking for a tea shop near you? Check this recent great post on French Connect. and this (2009) Mashup map by Charles Bricman from the blog On a des choses a se dire


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One thought on “Japanese tea in Brussels: Eden

  1. I do love my tea, so I will surely give it a go! Thanks for sharing!

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