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More Japanese shops in Brussels

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For the last (for now) of the Japan-series of posts, I’ve put together a short list of random shops offering Japanese products or services. So here you go and enjoy!

  • Japanese bookstore: Aoki Shoten (Avenue des Meuniers 123, 1160 Brussels, open Mon-Sat 10:00h to 18:00h) sells Japanese books, manga, paper supplies, gifts, magazines… Facebook page. A more detailed review (in French).
Photo via Aoki Shoten Facebook page (click on photo for link)

Photo via Aoki Shoten Facebook page (click on photo for link)

  • Japanese beauty salon and origami workshops: Salon des arts japonais Jaune (rue Lesbroussart 31, 1050 Ixelles). This center (which I still have to check out – I have only walked by a couple of times) presents itself as a creative workshop, hair, nail and shiatsu massage center. It also promotes calligraphy and origami workshops in Saint Gilles. Website. If you have used any of these services, please comment!
  • Japanese travel agencies: Japan PI Travel (Rue de Stassart 100, 1050 Brussels) and Fuji Travel (Chaussee d’Ixelles 146, 1050 Brussels) are the go-to agencies if you need to get plane tickets to Japan, or a Japan rail pass (cash payment only). Check their websites for opening hours and appointment information.

Do you have anything else to list? Want to know more? Please share!


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