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Culinaria 2013 review


At almost EUR 80 per person (including booking fees), Culinaria 2013 has been a bit of a disappointment. I wanted to love it as I did in the past, but the fact that I went home hungry, made it very difficult…

The disappointment takes away from the motivation to comment, and hence the delay in posting and short review this time. In a nutshell: Too expensive (poor value), few stands for a food fair (less than in the past, making the event almost exclusively about the Michelin-starred meal, and leaving litttle room for other exploration), underwhelming food (ok, but no wow-factor – looked better than it tasted), tiny portions (amuse bouche size, or entree-sized at the best).

Take a look at the photos and comments for more details:


The food pavilion, much smaller than in past editions. On the positive side, even though the event was sold out, it did not feel too crowded and lines were never too long. The service was efficient and friendly.


The entrance gives you the right to pick one mise en bouche out of four options. Here pictured: green asparagus with chlorophyl and wild herbs by Chef De Backer (Beurre Noisette). Ok but nothing amazing (as was the case with all dishes we tasted).


This gives you a better idea of the size of the mise en bouche.


Mise en bouche: Gaufrette de cabillaud by Stefan Jacobs (Va Doux Vent)


At the entrance, you get your tickets for one mise en bouche, 5 meals (to pick from 10 stands/chefs), two dessets (no choice), one Campari apero, 3 glasses of wine or beer, one beer, and a coffee. The floor plan also lists the menu items per stand. There are also a few stands selling fresh oysters, cooking equipment, bread, meat, cheese, books, etc. but they were small and few. The area for workshops also seemed small and less highlighted than in the past.


Each chef/restaurant has a stand. Here: Laury Zioui from L’Eveil des Sens.


And here is his “meal”: foie gras and shrimp with nice Kalamansi and kumquat sauces, but unfortunately only half-bite portions… If this is the size of a “meal”, I would need 15-20 of them to feel like I’ve had a proper lunch. Unfortunately, we only get 5!


Plenty of room to sit or stand to eat.


Chef Kamo preparing his crab flan dish.


The team at the stand of L’Hostellerie St. Nicolas preparing their beef, foie gras and fried puree dish.


Chef Sang Hoon Degeimbre’s tartare de veau at the stand for L’Air du Temps


The dessert by Joost Arijs is lined up, waiting for the final touch of sorbet to be added once the diners arrive


Pierre Marcolini’s stand


And his “Mushroom Street” creation


Arabelle Meirlaen was one of the chefs who made a greater effort to make her stand special. She was also one of the few to offer a small piece of bread with her meal. Two editions ago, all stands included bread (and larger portions).


The plastic plate sits on a paper bracelet that has the recipe for the chef’s dish. Nice touch.



Meirlaen’s vegetable dishes are always fresh and light. This was a nice pick.


The presentation was so-so, but this lotte pochee by Benoit Dewitte was probably the best dish among the ones we tasted.



Flan au crabe by chef Kamo. This is one of the few dishes that clearly linked to the “Street food” theme. It had the look and taste of street food, but at the same time made me think it’s a shame to ask these chefs to make street food (and some must have felt the same way, as their dishes seemed little inspired by the theme…)


Tastes like a nice homemade Japanese broth, but again, no wow-factor.


Chef Julien Burlat from Dome prepared a nice-looking deluxe hot dog.


A bit difficult to eat. Tasty, but I still prefer an original German bratwurst bought on the street…


Chef Giovanni Bruno’s salmon pane e panelle.


Joost Arijs’ passion fruit and mango macaron with white chocolate (above) and Marcolini’s Mushroom Street (below)


To end on a positive note: The Street food concept was not bad, but the execution needed much . If you want to see how it is indeed possible to reinvent dishes and amaze eyes and palates, check out Sergi Arola’s fantastic reinterpretation of traditional Spanish tapas if you are ever in Madrid. One of the best meals I have ever had.


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8 thoughts on “Culinaria 2013 review

  1. I agree! I went last year, and thoroughly enjoyed it! This year, it just lacked the WOW, and was disappointing. It seemed much smaller in size this year. I did not like the fact that the food pavillion was intermixed with the food stalls, and like you said, there were much fewer than previous years. Only one person served bread. All dishes were, like you said, very small. Most dishes were served cold. And there did not seem to be much of a choice for the main. Furthermore, we went on the Sunday afternoon, which was the same day that we went last year, but there was an extreme lack of wine and beer choice, because they had run out on most of it. To make up for this, they were giving free glasses of wine – which was nice (and can’t complain too much). However, last year, you were able to drink the wine / beer, to go with your dish – which was quite a highlight actually. So although, I enjoyed it (mainly because I was given a lot of wine)… the wow factor was not there, and it just wasn’t as much fun as last year. Overall, disappointing 😦

    • Indeed, I agree with you! It’s true that this year there was a lot less thought and effort put into the wine pairings… it made the whole experience less interesting because in the past, some of the pairings helped make the dining experience much more memorable. I hope the Culinaria organizers up their game next year (and not just the price!)

      After this disappointment, I am wondering if I should believe the reviews and book the Tram Experience or not…

      • I know, I’ve been wanting to book the Tram Experience also…

        • Bookings for July and August have just opened, so all dates are available so far… I think the portions might be on the small side, but the experience itself might be worth it. In terms of food value, one is probably much better off going to Chalet de la Foret.

  2. The desserts were delicious though!! 🙂

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