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Mo-Mo Tibetan dumplings


After several months of underwhelming food experiences, I am thrilled to have stumbled upon Mo-Mo, an understated Tibetan dumpling and soup joint on rue Defacqz, only a couple of blocks away from Avenue Louise and the popular Chatelain area.

A bit of background…
As explained by The Foodalist, besides offering great food, Mo-Mo also has a nobler purpose (although if you ask me, delighting taste buds at a reasonable price is quite a noble undertaking in and of itself!) as it contributes to the reintegration of former female Tibetan political prisoners, who work at Mo-Mo as cooks. 

The food…
But on to the actual food: The menu is basic and straightforward and focuses on Momo (= dumplings in Tibetan) and several different soups, with prices ranging from a very reasonable 5 euros for a 5-piece Momo basket, to 7 to 12 euros for a soup. The lunch special (small soup, 5-piece momo basket and steamed veggies) is 10 euros – a good deal, but as a meat eater, I would rather pay a bit more and go for a meat dumpling soup and a veggie momo basket for a total of 12 euros.


Eat in and take out…
The food (organic, fair trade fare) has a delicious and fresh homemade taste, which was enough to make me go there three times in a week once I discovered Mo-Mo. And something I love about this place is that they do take out (super fast and friendly service) which is fantastic if you have to run back to the office, or if you decide to take a long break and eat outdoors in a park (my pick would be Parc Tenbosch – a 15-min walk away).


Take a look at the gorgeous pictures by Brussel’s Kitchen and S Marks the Spots who beat me to the discovery of this gem of a restaurant! You can also see photos and descriptions of each dish on Take Eat Easy as they are also part of the restaurants that deliver through that service (but if you are in the area, just do direct take out / pick up – it’s a lot faster!)

Contact details
Rue Defacqz 27 (Ixelles)
Phone: +32 2 522 09 68
Opening hours: Tues-Fri 12:00-14:30 and Thu-Sat 18:00-21:30

The menu:



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2 thoughts on “Mo-Mo Tibetan dumplings

  1. Glad you liked it too! I really enjoyed the food there – light and quite different from other cuisines. Not to mention that the staff couldn’t be kinder.

  2. Oh great suggestion! I’m going to check it out this weekend if I can!

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