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The Easter egg lowdown

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In a nutshell: Corne Port Royal wins for best value. Best taste goes to Godiva, although Corne Port Royal follows closely.

Shopping tips:

  • Avoid the touristy Sablon area and go to Place Stephanie, which has all the chocolate makers (Leonidas is in metro Louise and Galerie Louise) and nicer service, including often a free praline sample with any purchase.
  • Chocolate description leaflets at the end of this post!

After some serious taste testing (involving all flavors and several rounds, just to make sure…), here’s my lowdown on some of the main Easter eggs available this season:

1. Leonidas

  • Most affordable option (less than half price of Godiva and Neuhaus) and 14 different flavors (3 white, 6 milk, 5 dark). EUR 24 per kilo.
  • Good option for milk chocolate lovers. The dark chocolate is however, not as smooth and tasty as that of the other brands. White chocolate is good.
  • Best option for indiscriminate, high-consumption eating (i.e., kids, non-targeted gift giving)
  • Buying tip: Get the bright pink “Pop” Easter egg, which has sparking sugar – fun to eat! You won’t find this from any of the other producers reviewed here.

2. Corne Port Royal

  • 10 different flavors (2 white, 4 milk, 4 dark – some of them are the same, but milk vs. dark chocolate variations) at a mid- to high-range EUR 54 per kilo.
  • The chocolate quality is very good (dark, milk and white): better than Leonidas, and close to Godiva (and for my personal taste, better than Neuhaus)
  • Best option overall
  • Buying tip: The packaged options do not all have the same price by weight. My recommendation is the 10-egg long box, which looks great, and is one of the best values at 5 euros (Neuhaus has the same, but with 11 eggs, and it sells for 9 euros…).

3. Godiva

  • Loved the chocolate (dark chocolate in particular) and the 9 different flavors (1 white, 3 milk, 5 dark), which are a good mix of traditional and original (e.g., coffee ganache, speculoos mousse, hazelnut praline, dark chocolate ganache, raspeberry mousse)
  • Great presentation and gift options
  • But… I can’t afford to have too many of them, as they’re pretty pricey at EUR 63 per kilo
  • Best option for dark chocolate lovers, and probably my preferred option overall if price were not an issue
  • Neuhaus and Godiva have similar price points. For regular pralines, I think Neuhaus is better, but Godiva beats Neuhaus by far when it comes to Easter eggs and hot chocolate.

4. Neuhaus

  • 16 different flavors with some nice packaging options at EUR 60 per kilo
  • Many of the eggs have a creamy filling, which I personally do not like
  • Best option if you like creamy fillings
  • Ok, but not worth the high price. Their regular pralines are a better choice than their Easter eggs.

Chocolate descriptive leaflets:





























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