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TakeEatEasy: Food delivery in Brussels

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Update July 2016: TakeEatEasy shut down its operations despite the fact that they were great and expanding. But you can still order delivery via Deliveroo. 

Even though the sun has come out in Brussels and the weather seems nicer this year than ever before, there are still those cold, rainy days (regardless of the time of year…) when one does not feel like going out for dinner or even doing a quick run to the supermarket or local restaurant for food.

Image by TakeEatEasy

Image by TakeEatEasy

That’s when food delivery options come in really handy. I had tried Resto-in back when it was called RestoPresto, but it failed to be that “presto” a few times and I found the delivery charges to be fairly high, so I stopped using it.

Then TakeEatEasy came along, and I have used it already several times in only a few weeks, and am happy enough with the service to want to write about it. The highlights:

  • You enter your address and the system lists the restaurants that deliver to your area, along with photos of each dish per restaurant
  • You pick the time of delivery (usually at least 1-1.5 hours from the time you place the order)
  • Delivery is a very reasonable EUR 3.50 with a minimum EUR 20.00 order
  • Pay by credit card online and get an sms confirmation
  • Wait for your order to be delivered – and yes, every time I ordered, they were on time!
  • If you get new members, they get EUR 10 off and you get EUR 10 credit for your next order
  • I tried 3-4 places (Super Filles du Tram, Momo, and a couple of Italian restaurants) and they were all good.

You can get EUR 10 off on your first order using this link (coupon code 5CSEGR). Enjoy!




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