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Place Jourdan restaurants

Here it is, a quick review of some of the eateries on Place Jourdan:

Mamma Roma – Recommended. Good pizza and perfect for a quick lunch (since it could be considered a fast food place because of the set up and quick service). Take out also available. See previous post for more details.

Cafe des epices – Average. Service tends to be a bit slow and the food is quite average for Brussels standards. You can get a lot more for your money. Nice place to have a drink and a bite when the weather is nice, but would not go there particularly for the food.

Creperie Le Jordan – Ok. Crepes bretonnes. Nothing extraordinary, but decent crepes at reasonable prices. Service tends to be quick, so it’s fine for a weekday lunch.

Slovenian House – Good food, homemade style. For more detailed review, see previous post.

The Greek restaurant next to Mamma Roma – Avoid!! The worst Greek food I have had (in Brussels and elsewhere). Should have left after seeing that the menu is not in Greek at all. The dishes are highly unauthentic and not even tasty. Plus, it’s really overpriced.

La Madonna – Nice Italian restaurant with good pizzas. Average prices and decent service. (I have been informed that there is another Italian restaurant on the other side of the square, which is quite average-bad, so please do not mix them up…)

Spud’s – Recommended, especially if someone else is treating… The posher restaurant in the Sofitel. Good food, quiet atmosphere. For full review, check here.

Espace Sushi – I haven’t been to this place for ages, so I cannot really comment much, but it used to be an average, slightly overpriced sushi place. For better sushi picks in Brussels, see this post.

Capoue – Recommended. Nice ice cream shop (part of a chain with several shops in Brussels) with a lot of different flavors and reasonable prices. The sorbets are best.

Maison Antoine – THE traditional Belgian fries… You can smell them from Parc Leopold. They are so heavy (but good!) that they make a meal (albeit unhealthy one) by themselves. A must-try (but not necessarily must-repeat…)

Any suggestions or recomendations on other restaurants in the area? Please send your comments!