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Bûche de Noël from Yasushi Sasaki

Where are you getting your bûche de Noël this year? This special occasion might well be the perfect excuse to splurge a bit and visit what might be the best patisserie in Brussels: Yasushi Sasaki (see old post here.)

There are three different types of bûches and two holiday cakes to choose from and which include some of his “top hits” which usually are sold as cakes. The price is €5.50 per serving with a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 12 servings per bûche.

The deadline for Christmas has passed (sorry, was too busy at work to post but luckily managed to order!) but you can still order one for New Year’s as long as you do so before the 29th of December. Details can be found on his site

Enjoy and happy holidays!


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The best croissant quest

By no means do I consider my quest for Brussels’ best croissant to be over, but here is a list of preliminary results, as I feel comfortable enough with the quality of the two croissants that top my list so far.

Top choices:

  • Charli Boulangerie – crispy, perfect sweet-salty balance
  • La Fleur du Pain (place Flagey) – crispy and great taste

Worth mentioning:

  • Yasushi Sasaki, which I have reviewed for its amazing cakes here

Are there any other croissants in Brussels I should try? Leave a comment or send me a suggestion via Twitter!

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Best patisserie in Brussels: Yasushi Sasaki

Most people will mention Marcolini or Wittamer when you ask them about the top pattisiers in Brussels (or even Belgium), but my vote goes – beyond any doubt – to the much less known but incomparably better Yasushi Sasaki. (Marcolini and Wittamer are still top of the range, but believe me, once you go Yasushi, you will never go back…)


Yasushi Sasaki is a bit further out the city (still, an easy 10-minute drive from the center) in a little-visible spot on a quiet street in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre, close to Chant d’Oiseau. The unassuming entrance might mean you will miss it when you drive by, but once you step into this dessert paradise, you will be overwhelmed by the beauty and appeal of the cakes, pastries, and chocolates on display.


The taste review

Sasaki, who has won numerous awards in Belgium, makes fresh, delectable creations that offer a perfect balance and lightness that one would not expect when indulging in such guilty pleasures… The profiteroles cake, for example, is filled with a soft, silky but at the same time light cream that makes you want – and think you can/should have – more. They also have the right amount of sweetness not to feel heavy, and the fruit cakes always taste extremely fresh.

In addition, you will also find tarts (I recommend the one with figs – the crust is crunchy and delicious) and a selection of packaged pastries (macha cake, fig cake, madeleines, cookies), chocolate (which I have not yet tried), ice cream, and other sweets, as well as your standard bakery items.




The price of the cakes ranges from about 10 to 15 euros for a 4-person cake (they also come in larger sizes), depending on the type and sophistication of the creation.

I cannot say more about how good this patisserie is… you’ll just have to go and try it!


Yasushi Sasaki (site in French and Japanese)
Avenue des Franciscains 10
1150 Brussels
Opening hours: 8:00 to 18:30, except Sundays (08:00-13:00 only) and Wednesdays (closed)

Tip: If you go on weekends, try to get there early. The cakes sell out fast…

What else? As an extra bonus, the service is friendly and efficient. What else could you ask for?

Other reviews – Take a look at the reviews by Writing with chocolate and Bubble and chic which will give you more information about Sasaki and his shop.

Photos from (except for Profiteroles cake and croute aux fraises – first two photos – which are mine)

A few more photos to tempt you:




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Taste Wittamer’s new Yuzu macarons – this Sunday

Wittamer is presenting its new Yuzu macarons this Sunday at its Sablon shop:

Wittamer is certainly not the first to create a macaron with the flavor of this delicious Japanese citrus fruit, but it is worth checking out… If you do, let me know what you think!

Side note: Sadaharu Aoki in Paris has been very successfully working with Japanese flavors like Yuzu among many others for long… great pattisier that I would definitely recommend and that I find to great, along with our local Woluwe-based Yasushi Sasaki, who makes unbelievable cakes – best in Brussels (really! Better and better value than Marcolini, Wittamer and the rest…) It should probably a topic for another post, but for now you can find contact details and a review on this other blog.

P.S. If any of you know where to get good Yuzu in Brussels, please let me know!!