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Brunch in Brussels (part 1)


I just came across a not-so-new (about 8 months old) book (in French)  on brunch spots in Brussels called “Un an de brunchs a Bruxelles“. Each of the 52 restaurants reviewed comes with a short review, some pictures, price range, and full contact details.The price tag for the book: EUR 14-15 and it makes for a nice gift for brunch lovers.

Take a look at the list and see if you agree with the selection or you think anything is missing (approximate location in parentheses):

  1. Les Larmes du Tigre (Jeu de Balle – Marolles)
  2. Les Halles des Tanneurs (Chapelle – Marolles)
  3. Bl@Bla & Gallery (Jeu de Balle – Marolles)
  4. Het Warm Water (Jeu de Balle – Marolles)
  5. Chez Mamie (Jeu de Balle – Marolles)
  6. Wittamer Cafe (Grand Sablon – Marolles)
  7. L’Orangerie du Parc d’Egmont (Louise – Sablon)
  8. Hilton Brussels (Louise)
  9. Green Kitchen @ Belvue (Parc Royale)
  10. MIM (Mont des Arts)
  11. L’Epicerie (Gare Centrale)
  12. Le Wolf (St Jean, rue du Lombard)
  13. L’Arriere Cuisine (Bourse, Plattesteen)
  14. Houtsiplou (Place Rouppe)
  15. AM Sweet (Saint Gery – Bourse)
  16. Le Pain Quotidien (Dansaert – they picked this one, and for some reason not the famous one in the Sablon…)
  17. Charli + Nordzee (Sainte-Catherine)
  18. Le Cafe Modele (Dansaert)

It’s a long list, so that’s it for now… stay tuned for the rest!

If you prefer to stick to virtual lists, here is a list (untested) by another blog (in FR) which coincidentally has the almost the same name as this one…


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7 thoughts on “Brunch in Brussels (part 1)

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  4. I think the Pain Quotidien on Dansaert is the original one, which probably explains why it listed in that book instead of the one at the Sablon.

  5. Try l’Amour Fou for a great brunch on saturday’s and sunday’s:

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