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Brunch in Brussels (part 2)


So, here’s the next part of the brunch list of the book “Un an de brunchs a Bruxelles“. The previous post included spots mostly in the center and Sablon area. This part of the list focuses on Schaerbeek, Etterbeek and part of Ixelles.

The book also includes some suggestions on things to do (besides eating) in each of the neighborhoods, as well as some recipes.


  1. Restaurant de l’Atomium (Laeken)
  2. New Epsom di Roberto (Parc Josaphat)
  3. Au Vatel (Jordan)
  4. Le Rustique (Brugmann)
  5. Le Balmoral (Brugmann)
  6. Portrait de Famille (Brugmann)
  7. Gaudron (Brugmann)
  8. Le Pain du Chatelain (Chatelain)
  9. Raconte-moi des salades (Chatelain)
  10. La Chatelaine du Liban (Chatelain)
  11. Odette en ville (Chatelain) They stopped doing brunch. 
  12. Banco (Bailli)
  13. Le Salon (Bailli)
  14. C’est pas raisonnable (Flagey)
  15. Sucre Sale (Fernand Cocq)
  16. L’Ultime Atome (Saint-Boniface)
  17. Crystal Lounge (Louise)
  18. Tea & Eat (Louise – Place Stephanie)
  19. Coffee Shop(Louise – Place Stephanie)
  20. Cafe Wiltcher’s (Louise – Place Stephanie)

The next post (3rd and last) will have the last part of the list in the book, covering Saint-Gilles, Uccle and the Woluwes.


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3 thoughts on “Brunch in Brussels (part 2)

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  3. Try l’Amour Fou for a great brunch on saturday’s and sunday’s:

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