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Brunch in Brussels (part 3)

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So, here it is, the third and last post listing the brunch spots featured in the book “Un an de brunchs a Bruxelles” (I’m not promoting the book, but at the very least, I need to acknowledge where this list comes from…)

In part 1 we saw restaurants in the center and Sablon area, part 2 covered Laeken, Schaerbeek, Etterbeek and Ixelles. This final part covers Saint-Gilles, Uccle, Foret and the Woluwes. If you know or try any of these places, please share your feedback!

  1. Mmmmh! (Louise – Place Stephanie)
  2. La Cremerie de la Vache (Louise)
  3. Mac Sweeney’s (Louise)
  4. Sikou (Parvis St Gilles)
  5. Au Pays des Merveilles (Parvis St Gilles)
  6. Midi Station (Gare du Midi)
  7. Les Rives du Gange (Souverain – Watermael B)
  8. Blue Elephant (Vivier d’Oie)
  9. Le Pavillon Imperial (Fort Jaco)
  10. Pavillon Louis XV (Wolvendael)
  11. Kamilou @Wiels (Foret)
  12. Cook and Book (Wolubilis)
  13. L’Orchidee Bleue (Montgomery)
  14. Cocooning Breakfast (home delivery)

Want more ideas? Check out this list of top places for brunch in Brussels.


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One thought on “Brunch in Brussels (part 3)

  1. Try l’Amour Fou for a great brunch on saturday’s and sunday’s:

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